Match Check-In

Please read all of the following, then tap the "Start Check-In" button.

You must complete all check-in steps, which are:
  1. Create (or choose an existing) profile;
  2. Find your competition;
  3. Find your match;
  4. Choose your role (spectator, player, coach, manager, referee, official).

If you are a team coach, manager, or a parent of multiple people in the same team, you can check-in multiple people in one go.

You will be asked to choose a role for each person you are checking-in.

Check-in for a match opens six hours before, and closes 55 minutes after the match.

You must check-in for every match you are involved in.

If you fill more than one role in a match (i.e. you're a player AND a coach) just check-in once to that match and choose your primary/main role.

Players who fail to check-in will not be counted as "playing", and therefore the match will not be counted towards finals eligibility.

Forgetting to check-in, or being "too busy" will not be accepted as an excuse!

Your match may be stopped (or may not commence) if not all players, coaches, and officials have checked-in, and will not resume until compliant.